Mobsters, bikers, sex, drugs, guns and murder, oh my! It’s a dark (very dark) comedy from writer-director Vito Brancato...

Synopsis: A crew of local gangsters use a coffee shop in Chicago’s Little Italy as a front for their criminal activities. Meanwhile, a bungling, sex addicted FBI agent stumbles upon their plan to smuggle Sicilian heroin in bags of espresso beans.

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Episode 9

9 Bada BANG! Part I

Episode 10

10 Bada BANG! Part II

Episode 7

7 Special Delivery for Jimmy Woo Part I

Episode 8

8 Special Delivery for Jimmy Woo Part II


Episode 6

6 World's Greatest Dad

Episode 3

3 Bean by Bean

Episode 4

4 Chinese Ninjas

Episode 1

1 Five Dollars and a Snickers Bar

Episode 2

2 Kenny's Revenge

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